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Hi, I am Matteo Cancellieri

I am an Artist, Coder and Maker.

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Capturing the beauty in the unexpected.

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Pushing for having the Academia and the Maker world talking with the Knowledge Makers.

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Creating solutions for a more Open world with CORE, FOSTER and Stories of Change.

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Entertaining with The Knowledge Media Instruments.

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Italian, based in Bedfordshire, UK.

Making art

Creativity has been part of what I am since I was a kid. Nowadays, I work in different media and try anything that can take me to the results I envisioned in my head.
Making art for me is a form of meditation, when I am working I feel in the perfect place and immerse myself fully. I am not perfect or precise, but I love when a mistake turn out to be the right choice.
You can see my work on Instagram or come and see me in real life at the various art events and exhibition I run with the Leighton Buzzard Art Society.
Oh, and please get in touch if you want to commission something or have any crazy idea or project you would like to work with me on :)

A robin!

Photographic projects

Knowledge Makers

I am the co-founder of Knowledge Makers. We organised plenty of events internal and external to the Open University. We created a community that involves and makes possible contacts between the maker world and the academia. We ran popular workshops and meetings from teaching people how to code to the complexities of writing code for robots. We promote the maker culture and we successfully created connections across academia. You can follow us on Twitter or join the mailing list.

Knowledge Makers!

Coding projects homepage

CORE is an Open Access research paper aggregation service. Since 2015, I worked on all the levels of the technological stack, from the frontend interface to the ingestion pipeline that I helped re-design and it is making the system ingesting, processing and enriching a massive amount of data every day ( we have a paper on it I am the lead developer and we are continuously integrating new services to promote the growth of Open Access around world. Our data is a treasure trove of information ready to be captured, I love performing data science and NLP tasks on it when I can. You can find some examples on our Github homepage

FOSTER A platform for open access resources, it's helping people promoting the Open Access principles across Europe. We reached a great success with the first project (FOSTER) and now we have new european project funding for it. I worked on this Drupal platform from the very first minute, I recently supervised the move from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 and the revamping of the user interface to kick start the new funding. homepage

Stories of change is a platform to help to support lively public and political conversations about energy by looking in a fresh way at its past, present and future. I worked on the data ingestion and back office side of this Drupal project, we made some exciting visualisation of content.

Before working in KMI, I worked on a mobile banking application company (Opentech). We worked together with some major banking companies to deliver great mobile applications. I learned a lot by working on a company my tasks and responsibilities moved from developing the fronted side application to building solutions to interact between the bank web services and the mobile apps.
Hello bank by bnp paribas screen italian ING direct mobile app screen Pagine Gialle Windows 8 screen Unicredit Italia for Ipad screen Unicredit Italia for Iphone screen