Hello! that's Matteo Cancellieri dev portfolio.

I'm coding since 2008, I have experience in pretty much all the technologies of the stack from mobile application to websites to server side technologies. I love designing and deploying good code and I am strongly passionate in working, and encourage other people, to work with all the tools and techniques that makes the lifes of a developer as easier as possible.

My Skills

This good looking but not so meaningful bubble graph made with D3js shows skills and my proficiency with them.

These are the projects I worked for


FOSTER portal

A platform for open access resources, made with Drupal and Bootstrap it's helping people divulgating the Open Access priciples across the Europe.



An aggregator of Open Access resources around the world with more than 20 million resources indexed. I worked in developing the new frontend with Symfony and I am helping mantaining and innovating the infrastracture.

Unicredit Ipad

Unicredit Ipad app

We set a new standard in mobile banking for tablets, I work on creating the backend side and on defect management facing directly our customers.


Unicredit Push Notification Manager

Creation of a set of SOAP webservices to allow push notification creation sending and management, interaction with push notification providers and banking DBs.

ING logo

ING Direct Italia Mobile Application

I worked on the server side team for the creation of backend services for our Android and Iphone mobile applications. We work on the creation of a framework that let you control app pages and design directly from server side.

Webank windows8 screen1

Webank Windows8

In this project we used our previous experience in PagineGialle creating highly customizable user controls. As a Windows 8 developer I worked on the creation custom user controls allowing us to have a more fine grained control on what we want to show on application.

Unicredit Iphone screen1

Unicredit Iphone demo

As an iOS developer I work in creating a demo disabling all the interactions and securities unwanted for the demo on our mobile banking application.

Pagine Gialle screen1

Pagine Gialle/Bianche Windows 8 and Windows Phone

As a Windows 8 developer we create one of the very first app on the italian Windows 8 market. I also worked for the already in production Windows Phone apps.

...and these are some of my personal projects

I love keeping personal project (when I have time), you can innovate and learn as much as possible with these projects. Sometimes they ends up to be public sometimes not, but who cares... I had fun!

Teatro nel bicchiere

Teatro nel bicchiere 2013

A website for a theatre and performance festival hosted in Tuscany on summer 2013. Developed with Jquery, Html5 and CSS3. www.teatronelbicchiere.it (the website of the latest edition)


Server swiss army knife

A plugin based tool to help developer in everyday work, avalaible either in PyQt or in NodeJS+REST+Jquery website. GitHub Link

Mandingo frog

Mandingo frog

Our motto is "super cool apps in 5 minutes/man", we create funny and careless Android apps. Play Store Link

and when I'm done with coding I use my creativity

Well, unluckily my creative ideas are not supported by skills anyway I love vector graphics and photograpy and I have fun testing and try to discover new techniques. This are some example of how I waste my creativity...


Life in MK "art"

Everybody have something to complain about Milton Keynes. However we believe that Milton Keynes is a magic place that all the weird funny and strange thing happen altogheter. We created a tumblr/twitter/facebook page to collect them and share with the world how awesome this town is. lifeinmk.tumblr.com


The 8-bit wave off Kanagawa

Bit after bloody bit vector illustration.


Minimalistic gif

Took in the computer musuem of Bletchley Park


Oh Toad!

Of course I have a DSLR, and I waste my creativity also in this field! I have even created a 500px account!


Only simple revolutions

Minimalistic cover based on Only revolutions album art of Biffy Cliro.


HDR Sunset

My first good looking HDR picture.


I made infographic too

When I'm not able to speak but I want to say something I made infographic! Like this or or this.